Sunday, October 12, 2014

Road to Recovery

While I was looking forward to fun workouts and down time, dealing with a hip injury has lessened the restoration and enjoyment that I normally experience in the off season. It's no fun not being able to squat! This has also been a challenging mental test for me. I spent the entire summer trying to "tough out" this injury and do all that I could to compete at the Games. My mental gas tank is low and I know it. I struggle to muster the strength to keep my mind in the right place so that I can tackle rehab and, again, do everything in my power to get well. The last couple of months, I have either ignored the fact that I need to pursue treatment or been busy traveling and incapable of receiving treatment. And now here I am in October... Time ticking away. My hip still hurts when I squat past parallel and lunge but it has made quite a bit of improvement. After many discussions with doctors, coaches, and people that have actually had this injury, I've decided that I want to avoid surgery. So, I start prolotherapy treatment next week. I have heard some really awesome stories about it and am excited to finally be actively taking steps towards recovery. 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Not Ideal Beginning

“How does your hip feel, “ asked Dr. Tabor as I nervously answered my phone a few minutes before I had to coach my Fundamentals class at CrossFit Chickasaw. “It hurts just like it did before Games,” I replied, “the cortisone has definitely worn off.”

All I wanted was to hear the results of my MRI. I wasn’t sure why he was asking how it felt. Maybe he was just being polite, but I felt impatient and just wanted to bluntly just ask, “Is it torn?” It hurts. It always hurts. That fact hasn’t changed since Regionals, despite every treatment effort. Let’s just chalk that emotion up to the frustration of injury.

Dr: “Well, your labrum is torn.”

MK: “How bad?”

Dr: “It’s clearly torn.”