Thursday, February 20, 2014

7 Days... Really?

Woah, it is hard to believe that the 2014 CrossFit Games season is here! I swear I just walked off the tennis stadium after Cinco 2 as content as I’ve ever been in my life. Yet, I am back for more. It is the habit that I cannot break. Well, until I break, I suppose.

The “off season” has been 90-to-nothing ride. I have traveled more than I ever have and met some of the coolest (and fittest) people on earth. I credit the great sport of CrossFit and my sponsors for all the incredible opportunities that I’ve been given these last six months. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure that it is all real. For examples:

Email from CrossFit:

CrossFit: Want to go to Big Sky, MT for the affiliate gathering? You will work out a little, climb a mountain, swim (almost drown) in the coldest water of your life, flip the pig, but mostly have fun.
Me: Yes! (Despite the pig and near drowning)

Email from Reebok:

Reebok: Want to go to Miami to train with some of the best in the sport, go to the beach, get massages, hang at a resort, and chill?
Me: Yes!

Email from Progenex:

Progenex: Want to go to Hawaii to train, surf, cruise with pro surfers, attend the Surfer Poll Awards, and chill?
Me: (Immediately and without checking schedule) Holy shit yes!

On to 2014…

My training, while not as consistent as I’d like it to be, has been going very well. After a few months of being (what I felt was) underweight, I managed to put on mass and keep it on. Operation #beefcake has been a success. If you’ve heard my CrossFit Radio or Barbell Shrugged interviews, you can learn my secrets to this.

The Open starts next week and I am super pumped for it! I am ready to test myself against the world yet again. My Open strategy remains the same as all previous Opens:

Do the workout once. Make it count. Move forward.

But first…

I travel to San Diego, CA for the Invictus Athlete Camp. CJ and crew are exactly the people that I need to surround myself with as I approach the Open. There simply isn’t a better way to tune-up my body and mind, as I prepare for the five weeks that follow.

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