Sunday, October 12, 2014

Road to Recovery

While I was looking forward to fun workouts and down time, dealing with a hip injury has lessened the restoration and enjoyment that I normally experience in the off season. It's no fun not being able to squat! This has also been a challenging mental test for me. I spent the entire summer trying to "tough out" this injury and do all that I could to compete at the Games. My mental gas tank is low and I know it. I struggle to muster the strength to keep my mind in the right place so that I can tackle rehab and, again, do everything in my power to get well. The last couple of months, I have either ignored the fact that I need to pursue treatment or been busy traveling and incapable of receiving treatment. And now here I am in October... Time ticking away. My hip still hurts when I squat past parallel and lunge but it has made quite a bit of improvement. After many discussions with doctors, coaches, and people that have actually had this injury, I've decided that I want to avoid surgery. So, I start prolotherapy treatment next week. I have heard some really awesome stories about it and am excited to finally be actively taking steps towards recovery. 

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  1. Wow, you have always represented the heart and soul of crossfit... You are positive, you encourage everyone around you, you stay in the moment, and you are all in ... I completely understand your frustration with your hip, and desire to "throw the kitchen sink" at this issue! I'm actually in the same boat... Stay positive Michelle , like you always do, and just forget all thoughts about your body betraying you... And do whatever you can to continue movement forward... You can do this!!!