Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Not Ideal Beginning

“How does your hip feel, “ asked Dr. Tabor as I nervously answered my phone a few minutes before I had to coach my Fundamentals class at CrossFit Chickasaw. “It hurts just like it did before Games,” I replied, “the cortisone has definitely worn off.”

All I wanted was to hear the results of my MRI. I wasn’t sure why he was asking how it felt. Maybe he was just being polite, but I felt impatient and just wanted to bluntly just ask, “Is it torn?” It hurts. It always hurts. That fact hasn’t changed since Regionals, despite every treatment effort. Let’s just chalk that emotion up to the frustration of injury.

Dr: “Well, your labrum is torn.”

MK: “How bad?”

Dr: “It’s clearly torn.”

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