Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Being Better

Over my traditional birthday breakfast this morning with Robby, we discussed progress - the progress of our members at CrossFit Chicksaw as well as the progress that we have each made over the course of our CrossFit careers. I started to reflect on my own journey and how far I have come. Afterwards, I came to an obvious realization.

My weaknesses are still my weaknesses, but they are better. And better does not mean “good.” And I better not tell you what they are. Ha! Actually, you can easily take a peek at my last four years of competing and clearly see where I fall short.

I occasionally hear about people striving to make “strengths out of weaknesses.” I haven’t quite experienced the 180-degree turnaround in my personal weaknesses. I am pretty sure that I will never win any kind of barbell ladder, no matter how much I focus on it. But I can and will be better. You better believe it.

Progress can be painfully slow. I remember, all too well, when throwing 155lb. from ground to overhead was the best I could do in 2011. I proved my improvement in the 2013 CrossFit Games clean ladder, sadly not in form, but in physically being able to move the 195lb. bar. You don’t have to tell me. I know it was ugly. I am really not sure why I do that weird split thing. Anyway, I will take the PR tie!

I continue to press on. I work on the small intricacies of each movement in hopes of continuing to ride the train of progress. I think it is pretty cool that even after four years of CrossFit, I still improve. I still PR. They don’t happen fast or often, but they certainly let me know that my efforts are paying off. 

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