Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Invictus Online Competition Day 1

This week, CJ Martin at CrossFit Invictus is hosting a friendly online competition that is open to anyone. I was excited to participate because:

1. I didn't have to do a million (exaggerated) reps of heavy-ass squats and oly lifting for those training days.
2. Competition brings out the best (and maybe worst) in me. It can be CrossFit or checkers. Whatever it is, if there is a contest, I am undoubtedly going to kill myself to win.

Case in point: The snatch portion of Day 1's WOD.
I had planned to hit 115# and then go up in ten pound increments. It didn't happen that way. I ended up dropping to 85# for my first successful snatch and finished with 11 attempts. Smart? Not hardly. Effective? Well, that's debatable.

Regardless, I think that you will enjoy the fiasco. Here it is.

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